Hi! I’m Belinda!
I am a mother to two beautiful children, I am a senior hairdresser and I am a professional custom portrait photographer specialising in newborn photography.
It is my own children that inspired me into the world of photography, being able to document such important milestones in their life is so rewarding. In 2012 when my son was born I was obsessed with taking images of him, watching him grow and change so quickly and being able to document such an important time was so precious to me. That was when my love for newborn photography had developed being able to capture newborn images for families in those first few weeks whilst your baby is still so sleepy, squishy and curly as if they are still in the womb. The flaky skin, that first smile and sweet little facial expressions are the memories that have only just begun.
I have spent the last few years photographing, studying and educating  myself in newborn photography. I pride myself in the way I handle and soothe babies and to properly and safely pose newborns. Creating beautiful memories for families is such a joy for me and I am so lucky to be apart of the journey.
Belinda Roelandts, New Beginnings Photography

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